Shake It! Air DJ

Teams compete in a gigantic motion-based smartphone controlled music video game

15 - 30 minutes
Competitive / Collaborative
8 - Unlimited


Shake It! is a gigantic motion-based musical video game using participants’ smartphones as the controllers. Each participant is responsible for playing the right sound at the right tempo, scoring points for their team in real time, but also producing music all together as a group. On the event screen, participants follow our special moving score interface where a system of colours in motion tells them when and what to play. Instant feedback is given to each individual in the form of sound, and to each team as scores and bonuses.

Shake It! can be run in several venues simultaneously: music will play and scores will accumulate in real-time, before the eyes of excited participants in each location. No need for multiplexing or geeking, our interface is web-based and will work on any computer or phone connected to the internet.. You can choose in our catalogue of songs for the one most applicable to your event.

Learning Outcomes

Decades of international experience in musical team building led us to develop this motion-based, all-compatible, web app capable of playing any sound required. Your group accomplishes the seemingly impossible: to play a piece of music together without previous musical experience. The interface is instinctive, engaging and requires a strumming motion from each participant, involving simultaneous moves from each team.

Although Shake It! is an energiser, it also teaches participants to correctly evaluate their abilities by choosing the right amount of notes to play, allowing them to accomplish the impossible without biting off more than they can chew, realising their own capabilities and pushing their individual boundaries without embarrassment or feelings of inhibition

Related Testimonial

The power of music to unify never ceases to amaze me. Shake It! was loved by our new on-boarding employees and really made a statement to them about how we operate as a company. Pushing the boundaries.

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