Interactive audio/visual relaxation experience to focus the mind.

30 - 40 minutes
10 - 1000


With sounds of nature and subdued lighting, participants are introduced to the meditation experience with stunning images of the places they can travel to on a guided meditation journey. These include amazing places such as the Secret Garden, Lost City, Deep Ocean, Mountain Refuge, Desert Oasis and the Blue Lagoon. Participants connect with an online conferencing tool like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. After a brief introduction, participants presented with the 16 meditation options. They vote to decide democratically their chosen guided meditation. They then sit back, relax, close their eyes and visualize their chosen journey, enjoying the wellbeing benefits of meditation. At the end of the meditation the event facilitator leads participants through a guided discussion on well being and mindfulness.

Acclaimed by the public and press alike as the “ultimate nerve-soother for a punishing lifestyle”, with Meditainment anyone can experience the power of their calm mind first time! Absolutely no previous meditation experience is necessary; it's as easy as listening to a relaxing story with your eyes closed!

Learning Outcomes

Mindfulness meditation produces positive effects on psychological wellbeing that extend beyond the actual meditation. This unique guided meditation experience is an effective way to help your delegates relax, de-clutter their minds and be better prepared for workshops, creative problem-solving, or receptive to your key conference messages. Within ten minutes, everyone will be ‘in the zone’ and able to meditate on personal wellbeing themes such as Stress Reduction, Self-Motivation, Rest, Recharge, and Seeing Opportunities.

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Why not take it a step further and make Meditainment part of your employee wellbeing strategy? Subscribe to the Meditainment Library and give individuals lifetime online access to 34 critically acclaimed guided meditations for an engaging and popular wellbeing initiative in your workplace. Access to the library can be offered to individuals directly from corporate intranets or through enrolment on the web-based management and reporting portal. Find out more.

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Relaxing, meditative experience. Enabled everyone to refocus and get the most out of the conference. Much more effective than what we initially expected.

Young Entrepreneurs' Organization (YEO)

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