How The West Was Won

Teams explore business skills in an action packed wild-west business game

2 - 3 hours
50 - Unlimited


An indoor teambuilding event, spectacularly themed around the pioneering families of the great Wild West. Set in Dodge City in the 1860s, How The West Was Won is an action packed challenge where each team of delegates represent a ranching family.

The game focuses on strategy implementation and risk management over a four-year rolling plan. The game's economic cycle reflects the all too familiar fluctuations experienced in today's business world.

Learning Outcomes

How The West Was Won is a hugely successful experiential business game that brings out the skills of strategic planning, negotiation, networking and leadership in an unforgettable experience. With a myriad choices available and a wide range of possible outcomes decisions have to be taken as a team. Trust and an efficient reporting procedure are imperative. Teams must have a flexible, agile plan and the ability to refine strategies at a moments notice. Quite simply, the winning team will be the one that ends up with the biggest fortune at the end of the game.

Related Testimonial

How The West Was Won provided a common, fun environment for learning. The extensive review drew parallels current business practice.


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