Easy Rider

Construct a life-size wooden motorbike

1 - 2 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
8 - 200


In Easy Rider, teams are tasked to put together a wooden motorbike. They complete a series of puzzles in order to gain visit passes to the R&D centre to view the bike plans. The components of the bike can be categorised into 4 types. Each part is marked with braille denoting the type of part that it is. A blindfolded team member must learn and memorise the 4 braille marks and then return to the group to help them categorise the parts into the 4 types. Once the team members have divided the bike components accurately, they work to build the bike, decorate it and then dress up in biker gear ready to parade or race their bike in a push relay!

Learning Outcomes

By forming sub-teams and following a series of processes this complex project can be broken down into a manageable task and ultimate success. Individuals learn to trust themselves and each other in the blindfold braille task as by removing sight the mind is forced to pay close attention to all remaining senses. The success of the construction phase requires cross functional cooperation and active communication to ensure all the parts come together as planned. The finale is playful and fun ensuring teams bond through this memorable shared experience.

We enjoyed Easy Rider at our annual managers conference. The team dynamics that came out during the activity brought a lot of interesting points to draw on and discuss later in the day.

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