Siemens - Peak Performance

Published on 7 May 2018

Asia Ability have delivered quality style team alignment programmes for Siemens numerous times in the past years. We are delighted to have delivered yet another successful programme for the highly respected company.

Siemens has more than 170 years of presence in the electrification value chain – from power generation, transmission and distribution to smart grid solutions and the efficient application of electrical energy – as well as in the areas of medical imaging and laboratory diagnostics. They operate in over 200 countries/region with 377,000 employees worldwide.

Our team delivered Peak Performance – a digital tablet based interactive business game where teams take the role of Expedition Leader on a 20 day expedition to summit Mount Everest. Over 100 participants from Siemens Sales Executive and Head of Departments took part in this digitalized game.

It took some time for the teams to understand how the game worked, but once everyone got into it, the game ran smoothly with lots of encouragement thrown across the room at one another. Teams began understanding that the whole purpose of this digitalized game was to figure out a way to send expedition teams safely to the top of Mount Everest and then back down again. This required other team members to look out for incoming weather forecast while other players got to perform physical activities to earn their team more points.

The outcome received from the CEO was fantastic. He particularly loved the thought added into the whole setup of the room to bring out the exact feel of climbing Mount. Everest. He was also pleasantly surprised how everybody enjoyed the whole concept of team building through a tablet.

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