Centara - Boom Time, Peak Performance & Flat Out Pyramids.

Published on 27 Sep 2018

A successful 3-day team alignment session was held for the Centara team in July. It was hosted at their Centara Hotel Bangkok which was where their conference was also hosted. About 50 involved participants who were in attendance for their conference took part in this engaging 3-day team building session. This gave our team an opportunity to mingle and catch up with old pals.

On day 1, we eased the participants with a little music to get everyone going after a long day in conference. Our team came in as a finale energizer and got their hearts pumping, rhythm going and filled up the gap with a breath of fresh air to conclude their day one conference session. Our team brought in Boomtime. This activity included lots of colourful plastic tubes with different notes to indicate a tune to match the beat. This activity definitely got the participants going and they finished with a bang! It gave them a positive outlook on what was to come for their conference session.

Day 2 was another long day for the participants. Our team brought in Peak Performance, which is a game generated on the iPad. The game requires a lot of concentration among teams to figure out how to get virtual climbers up Mount. Everest and safely back down again. This game takes a lot of patience but once teams understand the concept, the scores will fly on the scoreboard.

The 3rd day was packed with lots of fun to conclude the conference session. The Flat out Pyramid was the concluding activity which involves teams to build pyramids out from cardboards. This was tricky because they were given limited time for this session. Despite that, our Asia Ability team were supportive and kept encouraging as well as helping each team to follow through each step given on the instruction sheets. This challenge is relatable to real life where time is constantly ticking away.

With teamwork, communication and some guidance, each teams managed to accomplish building their pyramid in a nick of time. We received great reviews about all 3 sessions held for Centara and hope to work with them again in the future.

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