Need 4 Speed Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Malaysia

Published on 7 Mar 2017

Asia Ability worked with 110 IT Professionals from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) – the multinational enterprise information technology company. HPE is a business-focused organization with four divisions: Enterprise Group, which works in servers, storage, networking, consulting and support; Services; Software; and Financial Services.

Hewlett Packard Need 4 Speed

At the modern city centre conference location of the DoubleTree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Asia Ability facilitated the fast paced, exciting and engaging event – Need for Speed.

Need 4 Speed is a time and motion study in miniature, a frenetic table based intervention that actively encourages participants to review and improve performance. Faced with jumble of model components, teams must switch into gear to assemble a range of snap together concept cars in record time.

Hewlett Packard Need 4 Speed

Optimising flow and maintaining quality is critical to success as teams are challenged to form ultra efficient assembly lines and shave seconds off successive build times.As the learning progresses and each stage is reviewed, the focus moves from individual team times to sharing best practice between teams to achieve the best possible aggregate production time. Never has they been a more important time to explore process improvement.

Hewlett Packard Need 4 Speed

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