Kijal, Terengganu perfect location for team development

Published on 26 Nov 2018

This property development company has a strong belief in advancing their human resources through continuous development, using both traditional professional development programmes and by promoting positive interactions to solidify the power of working in teams. They have approached us on three different occasions, each time pinpointing different objectives that needed to be achieved.

Asia Ability met these requirements by first fully understanding the scope of the request. Each session uncovered different needs – the type and range of people who would be involved, and the specific purpose of the event being organized. These programmes were specifically proposed based on this – blending core team building elements and laughter infused excitement in half to full day activities. Their most recent event was the entire workforce from the organization gathering together in what was a first of its kind annual event. With employees ranged from newly-appointed to long-serving (more than 30 people have committed to the organization for over 30 years!), and of all ranks and expertise, the charge of the day was, quite understandably, to foster relationship building and interaction.

Flat Out Pyramid puzzle a mentally challenging creative program developed by Catalyst Global was chosen for the event. Working within the parameters of the exquisite beach resort grounds in Kijal, Terengganu, provided an ideal setting for everyone – the ability to take pleasure in their getaway location, while being involved in a highly interactive activity that promotes team ingenuity and mild competitiveness.

Each individual group had several tasks – following demanding specifications to create pieces from huge sheets of cardboard and solving the puzzle of how to join these pieces together into a pyramid. In a grand finale, teams brought their respective pyramids together, reassembling the pieces into a giant, 15 foot high pyramid.

A true display of how people within an organization can work together, first in their own ‘departments’, then together, to achieve an impressive outcome!

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