Company retreat in Kota Kinabalu

Published on 3 Dec 2018

Asia Ability worked with an international Oil & Gas firm who were keen to conclude their company retreat in Kota Kinabalu with a fun program under the sun and in the sea whilst still delivering team building tools that lessons can be derived from. The programme was developed in liaison with the firm’s Retreat Committee, who let us know, in no uncertain terms that the programme needed to be tightly focused, in depth and busy, adding that as engineers – “they get bored so quickly!”.

At the start of the day, they were given a task right after breakfast to build a boat with flat cardboard sheets. Construction of the boat involved creating the bow, hull and stern. These were combined together with various cardboard inserts and two triangular stringers were created to give strength and support.

Once the construction was complete, the plastic sheets were made to cover the Boat to make it waterproof! Teams then proceeded to race on sea waters in three heats.

The objective of this programme was to “enforce” the participants to make considerations as a group, to plan, delegate and manage communications between the different roles as to ensure that all their efforts tied up perfectly and that they stayed within the allocated time limit.

The delivery of the program involved 7 facilitators from Asia Ability as there were 200 participants. The work area was setup early and the hotel staff were accommodating as we have built our relationship with this venue over the years. Feedback from the client was that the programme served as a great kick start to the project that they would be involved in together with real solutions for the very real challenges and problems in the line of duty.

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