Covestro - Commercial Break

Published on 4 Sep 2018

Asia Ability Creative team building provides services that is customizable to fit client’s needs. All our facilitators are approachable and will guide you and work with you to meet in the middle and deliver the message you want for your team.

Covestro, a Bayer spin off, does automotive manufacturing and supply, electrical engineering and electronics, construction and home products, and sports and leisure. Their sector in Thailand reached out to us for a fun, yet focused team building activity and decided to go ahead with our programme called Commercial Break.

This event with Covestro Thailand was a half-day team alignment with 15 participants who took part in the activity. Their key message is to focus on communication to internal and external stakeholders. This message was incorporated during the activity and therefore shown during their video taking in Commercial Break.

It was a dynamic group and their creativity shown throughout their video as each groups did their best to incorporate the key message. It was a pleasant day and everyone had a blast working together and planning each scene together. The response was great towards the end and everyone enjoyed the videos that each team captured.

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