Oil and Gas - KLCC Convention Centre

Published on 6 Jan 2019

Our team had a blast with the Exxonmobil group as they worked on their Puppeteer skills. The programme – Puppet Master – was held at the KLCC Convention Centre in April with 42 participants who took part in this programme.

Exxonmobil is well-known worldwide and Asia Ability has great ties with the company through our team building programmes and also through consultation sessions. We have been working with them for some time now and we will continuously deliver teambuilding programmes for them whenever they require it.

The participants were great fun to work with and everyone enjoyed themselves as they worked on creating perfect giant puppets out of cardboard and tools that we have provided for each teams. Every person was engaged during this programme and worked as a team, contributing their knowledge and understanding to everyone else.

At the end of this session, each team completed their giant puppet and showed off their creations as well as the creativity they have put together. A series of music was played to showcase their puppets, holding up each one with stilts and maneuvering the puppets body with it. It was an extremely successful programme and we hope to work with Exxonmobil again soon.

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