A Box filled with fun and challenges

Published on 6 May 2019


A bank in Singapore had a busy week lined up for them in early March and requested a challenging team building activity to be included into their already packed week. The objective was to challenge delegates in a game of cognitive thinking and to discover working together is what works best.The programme offered was Beat the Box, an amazing programme and an even greater ending to it. A nice hint of challenge and an impactful collaboration.


There were about 200 delegates involved in the meeting held at the Ritz Carlton Singapore. The meeting was a unique one because it was not your typical stuffy conference. It was one that made sure everyone was involved and that means games galore.

Outside the conference room, the foyer was not only lined with tables of different food choice but around them were all kinds of games set up. It was interactive, engaging and fun! There was an interactive board that listed top people within the company who has achieved high scores while involved in the activities that were arranged.

Beat the box session started late in the afternoon when our Asia Ability team stepped on stage to introduce the mysterious box that sat on each team table. Participants were ushered into teams and a short brief was introduced. The key note was to break the code but could they do it before time ran out? The clock began and everyone scrambled.

At first confusion filled the room and with a little nudge from the facilitator, everyone started to get a hang of the boxes that held challenges inside. The best part of Beat the box is when a team or two figures out the secret of collaboration! That’s when the beauty of the game unfolds.

Everyone was certainly on their feet by the time the game was understood. It posed challenges and we absolutely loved how teams went outside their own to help other teams in solving tricky puzzles. Every single person was engaged. Once they figured out what the code was and they beat the box with some time to spare, the room of people cheered out for the great teamwork that everyone played a part in.


Beat the box is truly a great team building game to consider if you want a little challenge added and to see team work play a big part in the process. A participant mentioned that he has experienced this beforehand and he said it's an amazing programme to see the everyone come together. Overall, everyone was very pleased at the outcome of the game and how everyone started working together.

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