MLA, Singapore & KL - Building a dream

Published on 27 Nov 2017

Asia Ability worked with MLA (Mastering Leadership Agility) and 4 of their client groups over the space of a week with 4 sessions delivered in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. MLA supports organisations with transformation programs: Leadership Development – Business Development journeys; based on 12 practices, and tailored to the exact nature and scope of the personal leadership and/or business change challenges.

During 4 sessions delivered in Singapore and the ISpace training and event venue in KL, Asia Ability delivered the Building a Dream Corporate Social Responsibility experience. A powerful and incredibly fulfilling teambuilding event that fully engages every participant in a team challenge to correctly assemble brand new bicycles.

Teams must each solve fun and active problem solving challenges and puzzles to “earn” tools and bicycle parts for their team. When teams have enough resources, they will begin the challenging task of creating an efficient assembly process to produce different bicycles in a limited time. Strict quality standards are imposed with formal quality control inspections conducted.

In this fast moving and engaging event, teams will have a breakthrough as they realize that to be truly successful, they will need to move from a mindset of competitiveness with other teams to a collaborative model of team working – where they can share equipment, tools, best practices, expertise and resources.

Teams will feel a great sense of achievement as they pass rigorous safety checks. As the final deadline approaches, teams will wheel their creations to a “start” line and prepare to present their products and a short commercial to the other teams who represent their customers. An emotional finale – the surprise arrival of the real “customers”, a group of local underprivileged children. Each team presents the bicycles they produced to the surprised, delighted and very happy children. Building a Dream is an extraordinary team event that creates impactful learning, a wonderful feeling and shared memories that last forever.

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