LexisNexis - Beatswork

Published on 26 Apr 2018

With 85 years of experience, LexisNexis has provided global content-enabled workflow solutions designed specifically for professionals in the legal, risk management, corporate, government, law enforcement, accounting, and academic markets.

Recently, Asia Ability met with LexisNexis for another team building session at Avani Sepang Gold Coast Resort. It is not the first time working with LexisNexis for our team and we absolutely adore meeting them again. They were a great team. Always enthusiastic and eager to perform their best with their team.

LexisNexis Beatswork

LexisNexis have sent about 100 from their team to take part in a Beatswork program. Yes! They created amazing tune together with shakers, cowbells, tambourines and tamborims, and not forgetting those drums! The LexisNexis team were quick learners and enjoyed every minute of the session led by our facilitator. They were so good that they learnt the whole string of samba music in a span of an hour.

The team bonded with one another and have mentioned to our Asia Ability team that the messages shared out to them was very effective. They found that they could apply the team building programme into their daily work routine in terms of communicating better with one another and understanding that every individual take in information a little differently.

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