Breezway becomes a samba band with Beatswork

Published on 25 Sep 2018

When a group of people find their groove, work becomes less of a hassle and more enjoyable. Your colleagues become best friends and your office space will be filled with boisterous laughter. We can attest that sometimes it is easy to forget teamwork when the going gets tough. When we’re under a lot of pressure to finish off work, some exchange of words could turn everything upside down.

That’s why every once in a while, team building is a great commodity to include to remind everyone what teamwork feels like when done right. It will bring the light back into everyone’s spirits, to be encouraged to power through, not alone but with everyone on the same page.

Our team worked with a bunch of cool guys and we saw the great efforts pulled in to form one unified sound samba band. We met up with Breezway at Impiana Kuala Lumpur to play some funky samba tunes. Even with 33 participants involved, it sounded amazing! It all took some half hour practicing and getting the tuning right to sound as though only one person is playing.

We have worked with Breezway numerous times and they’re an amazing bunch who always enjoy a bit of challenge given to them. They were a determined group trying their best to make sure everyone is in sync with each other and to be attentive to the facilitator giving out instructions.

The learning outcome from this activity allows teams to be more attentive to their surroundings, listen and work together to form a great sounding tune.

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